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Jai Ananta Jagannath – PURI

Puri, one of the famous places of the world is situated in the state of Odisha in India. It is famous as a tourist place for the tourist in India and abroad who want to make their tour for pilgrimage and natural beauty.

For pilgrimage there is a famous temple, temple of Lord Jagatnnath Who means the master of whole Jagat or wholeu niverse. Raja Chologanga Dev the learned king founded the temple with some specialities with a view to convey the Jagatnnath Satya (eternal and truth of infinite God or Paramatma narrated in the Geeta, the greatest holy book of Hindu) to men of the world. Main speciality to observe in the temple is that images of Gods in the temple worshiped are incomplete. Here the learned King wanted to give the message to the people that infinite God is Paramatma who is endless and formless and He cannot be confined in any complete form of image.

BadaDanda (wide road), Anand Bazar (pleasing market), Sri Gundicha Temple are also of some other special character of the temple. The most special and famous function celebrated here in Puri in the month of July, to observe, is the biggest car festival of Lord Jagannath when the Great God moves in BADA DANDA (wide road) with a most costliest car in the world and with lakhs of His devotees from around the world.

For tourist seeking natural beauty there is a long sea beach adjacent to the temple where lakhs of tourists come daily to take the pleasure in bathing and observing its beauty.

For the comfort of tourist there are hundreds of small and big well decorated, well facilitated hotel and restaurant, some inside the town and many exposing their faces and balcony towards the wide sea beach. Puri Beach is special for its long celebrated beach. The most enjoyable time is morning for bath. Evening is important because a big fair sit here every day where one can fully enjoy the charms of the beach.

Excluding these two things there are many places around Puri for the tourist. Pipili Applique Village, Raghurajpur Painting Village near Puri, Khandagiri and Dhaulagiri monuments of Budha and Jaina, Lingraj temple of Bhubaneswar, Kalijai Temple, Zero point near Chilika lake and the world famous Sun temple in Konark are the beautiful places to take the pleasure in them and all the places can be reached easily with cheap cost through tourist bus which are sufficiently available here in Puri.


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