Blog : Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath

Chariot Festival of Lord Jagannath – Ratha Yatra Puri in Odisha

On the day 14 th July 2018 the most exciting place for tourist all over the world is the place Puri which is in Odisha of India for celebration of an exceptional car festival called world famous RATHA JATRA of Lord Jagannath. Puri is famous for the temple of Hindu God, named Lord Jagatnnath which literarily means Lord of Whole cosmos. On this day every year image of Lord Jagatnnath with His two siblings worshiped in the temple are brought outside the temple and taken to another Gundicha temple which is three kilometres away from the main temple by yearly made three highly costliest wooden cars seen in the world by biggest crowd of tourist and devotees. After nine days again the image of Lord with His siblings are brought back to the main temple with same type of procession. This festival of procession which held after nine days is called return tour (BAHUDA JATRA) of the Lord.

To simplify the fact Puri is the place where the temple of Lord Jagarnath, Lord of all cosmos exits. it was started by great Krishna devotee king Indradyumnya and highlighted by the king Chologangadev in 12th century. That day onwards the car festival has been going celebrated and today this festival has taken a gigantic shape. Three kilometres procession of lord from Puri temple to Gundicha temple makes the real festival. Excluding Hindu, crores of devotees and tourists of different caste, creed and religion with varieties of colour and cultures assembling together makes the festival more attracting, charming and beautiful. One who comes once cannot forget the memory for ever.

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Excluding this festival there are many visiting places around Puri which give enough entertainment to tourists. First of all, among them is the vast sea shore adjacent (attached) to the temple where a big fair sits everyday where tourists take bathing charms in the morning and happy moving in the evening. Then in nearby (around 35 Kms distance) there is a world famous Sun Temple in Konark which is filled with beautiful arts of the then artists which are similar to that of Khajuraho temple of Madhya Pradesh. Then comes the lake Chilika (45 Kms) crossing which by steamer tourists go to and see the sight of Nalabana Island famous for bird sanctuary and dolphin sanctuary. Then comes, the place PIPILI (35 Kms) which is famous for applique handicraft where tourists purchase some for tour memory. Sixty kilometres away is Bhubaneswar the capital of Odisha –the temple city, where there is a famous Lingaraj Temple where devotee tourists pay their homage to Lord Siva. Excluding these, Hill sight of Khandagiri Jain Caves and Dhauligiri Buddhist Caves which are filled with natural caves and Buddhist and Jain monuments where tourists collect some history. Last but not the least is the big natural Zoo named Nandankakan in Bhubaneswar filled with huge different animals starting from deer to tigers where tourists enjoys a lot.

To see this RATHA JATRA (car festival) a vast crowd comes to Puri and to accommodate the vast crowd and tourist this city has opened many hotels, restaurants and resorts. It is very difficult to get accommodation if not booked before. From among them, hospitality wings of Om Leisure Gruop i.e. Om Leisure Holidays and Om Leisure Resort Puri gives best services here. One who wants the service of OM LEISURE TRAVEL AND RESORT’, has to ‘Type Om Leisure Resort or Om Leisure Holidays in Odisha” in Google or Facebook and can get all details through which he can contact.


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